Dear Library Community,

We are thrilled to share a story of generosity that has touched the Bailey Library deeply. In March of 2023, we learned that our beloved benefactor and long-time friend of the Library, Jane Gilsinger, has left an extraordinary gift of over half a million dollars to our library. The money is under the care of the Park County Government, who, along with the Board of Trustees and Library Director, will assist us with budgeting.

Jane’s generosity presents us with a wonderful, once-in-a lifetime opportunity to enhance our library’s resources and services in ways that benefit our entire community. As we make plans on how to best use this money, we would love to hear from you! Your input is invaluable in shaping how we can best utilize this gift to meet the needs and aspirations of our library users.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Whether it’s expanding our collection, improving our technology infrastructure, creating new programs and events, or any other suggestions you may have, we welcome your input wholeheartedly.

Together, we can ensure that Jane Gilsinger’s legacy enriches the lives of countless individuals who visit and rely on Bailey Library. Thank you for being a part of this community and for helping us honor Jane’s memory in a meaningful and impactful way.

Email the Library at or use this anonymous contact form to give us your input. 

About Jane Gilsinger

About Jane: Jane was born on Feb. 8, 1940,and grew up in Goodland, Ind. with her older sister, Rita.

After graduating high school, she moved to Denver, Colo. and attended the University of Denver, earning a master’s degree in library science. She was the librarian at Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colo. for a number of years and lived in Golden, Colo. Jane retired in 1980 and moved up to Bailey, Colo., fulfilling her dream of living in the mountains.

While living in Park County, Jane was a leading figure in preserving the history of the county. Her work included preserving oral histories from long-time residents, collecting and cataloguing historical documents, and helping to make photos and other material available both in person and on-line through her volunteer work with the Park County Historical Society, Bailey Library and especially with the Park County Local History Archives. Jane also served as the Treasurer on the Bailey Library’s non-profit board for several years. She also attended and volunteered at a local Catholic Church. She thoroughly enjoyed her wide circle of friends who will miss her.

She passed away peacefully on Aug. 11, 2020. She was buried in the Horn Cemetery, U.S. Highway 285, in Bailey, after a private service on Aug. 19, 2020.