Mission Statement

The mission of the Park County Public Libraries is to educate, encourage, enlighten, and entertain its’ community members.

Mission Goals

  1. Collect and make available literature, facilities, and resources of interest and value to the communities served, and contribute to individual knowledge, awareness, recreation, and pleasure with:
    • Friendly, prompt, and accurate service to all users.
    • Computers and related facilities to meet patron needs.
    • Information about library services, facilities, and collections to the communities.
  2. Encourage children and young adults to discover the joys of reading and the value of using libraries.
  3. Make available computer technology for serving the public’s needs and wishes with:
    • Adequate computer services such as internet, wireless access, and reference sources.
    • Assurance of ongoing professional development for the staff to maintain technological expertise.
  4. Provide safe, accessible, attractive libraries with a pleasant environment by maintaining current buildings and providing future expansion of facilities as appropriate.
  5. Develop and use a comprehensive volunteer program by:
    • Encouraging individuals’ and groups of all ages to use their special capabilities.
    • Continuing and expanding the contributions of the “Friends of the Library” groups.
  6. Provide programs to facilitate literacy and learning for all Park County residents.

Revised and approved by: PCPL Manager: Rita Mick 5.7.2023