3D Printer Policy


It is Park County Public Library’s goal to provide our patrons with access to technologies that inspire and open up possibilities for creation and collaboration. This policy establishes the procedures and practices for public use of the Library’s 3D printers.


Park County Public Library’s 3D printers and associated materials are available for the general public during regular business hours. Cost of materials will vary among the branches. With some exceptions, children under 12 years of age may use the printers for free with appropriate guidance.

  1. Park County Public Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.
  2. It is the responsibility of the requesting patron to design/purchase/download their own creation and prepare it for printing.
  3. Patrons are not permitted to access the printer directly. Staff members who have had sufficient training with the 3D printer shall be referred to hereinafter as Processing Staff. These staff members will determine if a patron is qualified to perform advanced printing requiring a patron’s direct access to the 3D printer.
  4. Patrons may request the use of a computer that has 3D modeling software available.
  5. 3D Print submissions can be made during regular business hours.
    1. Once accepted, a 3D print request will be reviewed by Processing Staff based on a first come first serve basis.
    2. After the review of the 3D print request, the patron will be contacted by phone/email to confirm or reject the request. At this time, the patron will be given an estimate on time of completion and an estimate on material costs. Estimates are not guaranteed and any additional costs may occur due to failed prints or defects in the design and/or process.
    3. Printing will be checked by Processing Staff when available. When printing is complete, the requesting patron will be contacted by phone/email and given the final cost of materials.
  1. General cost of printing and alternate color costs is subject to change and will be estimated during submission and confirmed with patrons before printing.
  2. The 3D printer may be used for lawful purposes only. Patrons are not permitted to use the printer to create objects that are:
    1. Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    2. Subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
    3. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or pose an immediate threat to the wellbeing of others such as guns, knives or other possible lethal weapons.
    4. Items that are obscene or are determined inappropriate for the library environment.
  3. Printed items must be paid for and picked up within 7 business days of completion during regular business hours. Requesting patron may contact staff to extend this time by no more than 14 business days of completion. Multiple instances of not retrieving completed items may result in a patron losing 3D printer privileges.

Please download and sign an acknowledgement of these policies