Library Policies

Park County Libraries General Policies.

Children in the library

Young children (6 years and under) must be accompanied by an adult. If they are unattended and become a problem, then the librarian may handle the problem as is appropriate for the situation.

If unaccompanied students (older than 6 years) become disruptive to other patrons and will not refrain after requests by the librarian, the librarian may request that this patron leave the library. Repeated offenses may lead to revoked borrowing privileges.

Internet Use

You must have a parent or guardian signed permission slip on file, if under 18 years old.

Before logging on to our computers for the first time you must read the Park County Internet policy posted in the library. All computer users must sign in before logging using the computer. When other patrons are waiting for the computers the time is limited to 30 minutes.

Reference Materials

Reference materials may not be taken from the library. The librarian determines these materials and the materials are clearly marked. For research purposes, there is no charge for the first 10 copies from reference materials. Normal copying charges are effective after that.

Bulletin Boards

Community events, health fairs, non-profit organizations, school activities and programs may be posted on the bulletin board. No advertising of partisan or sectarian nature may be posted on the bulletin board or elsewhere in the library; i.e. political, religious, personal or company sales and/or promotional material, garage sales, etc. No notices for private gain are to be posted.


Books, magazines, plants, pictures, money, etc. may be accepted and a receipt will be given. The donor will determine monetary value. Once donated, items are to be used at the librarian’s discretion. Items may be placed in circulation, used in a sale to profit the library or donated to another library. The donor may earmark money for a specific purpose.

Donations that are not to become assets of Park County Public Libraries may be designated as provided for the library’s temporary use for an indefinite time period. This should be noted on the item and in a letter to file for the library.