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Featuring New Book from local author Aaron Apodaca

Elements : Rise Of The Hunters
A world that rises out of the ashes is the only world that Trest Ravenwood has ever known. Within the blink of an eye his life changes from one of basic survival, to that of a battle for the survival of the world.
After stealing an orb from a group called The Wardens, Trest realizes that this orb is a connection to the element of water. He begins a quest to harness this newfound power, along with finding those that can help him. By taking the orb, Trest unleashes The Hunters, elemental beings who will stop at nothing to reclaim the orb and perhaps his life…

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Aaron Apodaca is a Bailey author, entrepreneur, speaker and martial artist. When he’s not busy writing, he’s running his company The Wealth Warrior and teaching warriorship to his students. Aaron usually spends his time in the colorado Rocky Mountains, but splits his time between Europe and South America. He loves to write wherever he stays, even when traveling the world. He focuses on experiencing life and improving his skills.

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Young Adult
He, Joan The Ones We’re Meant to Find
Hicks, Faith Erin Avatar: The Last Airbender–Suki, Alone
Lee, Stacey Luck of the Titanic
McPhail, Will In: A Graphic Novel
Wells, H G The Time Machine: New Edition
Marsden, Mariah The Secret Garden: A Graphic Novel
Oppel, Kenneth Thrive
Pyle, Nathan W Strange Planet: The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature
Simon, Raphael The Anti-Book
Thummler, Brenna Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel
Tobin, Paul Plants vs. Zombies Volume 18: Constructionary Tales
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Diaz, Lucky Paletero Man
Eggers, Dave Faraway Things
Lendler, Ian Nia and the New Free Library
Sigwarth, Lydia M Dear Librarian
Yin, Karen Whole Whale

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