RFPs for Library Internet

If you have a question regarding an RFP, please contact Pat Shepard, Park County Public Library Manager, at 719-836-4299 or pshepard@parkco.us. In the interest of efficiency and transparency, questions and answers will be posted below.


Question 1:  “RE: New Bid Posting Park County Public Library-Fairplay Branch Internet Service–the request is for 100 Meg Download, any preference on upload speed?”

Answer:  Preferred upload speed would be symmetrical with the download speed; however, an upload speed greater than or equal to 30 percent of the download speed will be acceptable at this time.


Question 2:  “As we consider submitting a response, I wanted to reach out to ask a question regarding the recently published Park County Public Library Bid – Guffey Branch. In the bid, it references “Pricing Competitive with Park County, CO 2019 rates for capacity and services”. Is this pricing published somewhere?”

Answer:  This pricing is not published per se; however, you can obtain this information by contacting vendors who provide services in Park County, CO.

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