You’re invited to participate in this community seed exchange. Bring seeds you’d like to donate and check out the seeds you can use. This is free and all local residents are encouraged to get involved. All seeds are welcome but we encourage Non-GMO and organically grown seeds be donated.
We are striving to use seeds that are from plants grown in our altitude and growing conditions. These seeds will be genetically better able to thrive in our gardens.

When the growing season ends, save the seeds from your strongest, best producing plants. Come into the Bailey Library to learn more!

Now through 5/26 CSU is offering a free, online vegetable gardening course to inspire people to get off screens and get outside. Research shows that exposure to green spaces and gardening has extensive physical and mental benefits, including reduced anxiety, stress and depression, improved memory, increased life satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and more.

The course is free and open to all. No prior gardening experience is required. REGISTER NOW!